Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Understanding what lies ahead

I went to my initial Dr. appointment yesterday. The good people at Huntsman really made it easy to deal with things. other than the scale they immediately put me on. We didn't really agree, but what does it matter, I have Breast Cancer. I do understand there are more important things on my plate.

We met with the Surgeon and talked about my pathology report. He even let me take a copy home with me....so gonna scrapbook it!
The pathology report identified the exact findings of the lump, calcification's and where we were at on the lymph nodes.
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Mucinous type, Moderatly differentiated, modified scarff bloom-richardson grade 2 of 3. Tubules: 2 Nuclei:3 Mitoses:1
ER Positive strong (90%)
PR Positive Strong (60%)
HER2/NEU Equivocal (2+)

There is that for anyone who cares...I am just understanding this myself.

Together, we all decided to do a double mastectomy. Yes double. I really don't want my tissue turning on me again in the next 10 years. So I decided to just have them take it all. The chance of it returning to the right side is high, and I dont want this to affect how I live my life, so I said just take it all baby, take it all!
While they are in there, they will take a look at what the lymph nodes are doing. Hopefully those little nodes did their job and didn't let anything escape. I guess we will worry about that when the time comes. I don't want to get myself all worked up about where else these little nasty bugs went throughout my body.
The good thing is, they will do most of the reconstructive surgery at the same time.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday May 24th. When I am healed from this first step, we will begin chemo. Most likely in about 3 weeks time.

Am I scared, without a doubt. I had the crappiest, most miserable pregnancy with Edyn, so I think I can get through this. I explained what I went through being pregnant to the nurse. IV's the entire time, home health care, feeding tube, etc. etc. for those of you who saw what occurred. I cant do it justice in writing. Lets just saw you had to be there.

The nurse was astounded and let me know, I may be one of the strongest chemo patients!
Maybe she doesn't know how vain I can me. I really liked my hair!

It made me feel good to know this though. I feel incredibly fortunate...yes...I said fortunate, that my pregnancy prepared me for this trial. I found a new inner strength through this thought, which brings me hope and a peaceful spirit. Its only a year of my life, or 5 as most admit
So I will look like Charlie Brown, gotta love the humer in that. My sister in law is a beautician and cant wait for me to help her tap into the "bald" market. So I let Morghan bedazzle me, or I wear a headband...you know the ones I forced my babies to wear when since they to were bald. We will get creative and laugh along the way.

I hate this, but I love it to. I am just grateful...today...its me and not someone else I love.
What will the Lord teach me through this experience? I hope to be teachable to his whisperings.

This is defiantly Atonement worthy...that's why it is there, and I am gonna use it.

So watch and see...I will post pics as soon as I can.
I will try Elder Joseph B Wirthlin


  1. You're a trooper! I hope everything goes well. You're in my prayers. We are right on the way to Huntsman, so if you ever need help with the kids, or dinner, or a scream-in-your-pillow party, please let me know, cuz I'm there :)

    Charlie Brown or not, pretty sure you'll still be hot ;)

  2. You're a tough girl, Shayla. You can do this. I'm glad to see some humor in this post. That's how us Litsters get through the tough times, by turning everything into a joke. We're behind you 100%! Love, El

  3. Oh my sweet sweet friend, you are right about being able to handle it. It is a wonder how we look back at life, all the trials we go through, and see how they prepare us for something we're going on in the present. I know you'll be ok. You've got a great attitude which helps tremendously, and faith sister. Remember how much us Colemans love you! I'll give you a call soon.


  4. You will get through this. I am amazed at your positive attitude and really that is what will get you farthest a lot of days. I am sure that the road will be hard, but you have been through many hard roads before. Hang in there...and I am serious...I really think a bedazzler would be an awesome investment!