Friday, June 25, 2010

I am back...

I have been a little hesitant to get back on here. I have had some pretty emotional days as of late.
Since the last post, I have my port placed on June 11
th. It was pretty easy for me. It will be such a life savor for me during this entire process.

I had my first round of chemo on Wed June 16
We arrived at 8 in the morning. The first thing they did was some blood work on me. They ensure my white cells are where they need to be. They mix the chemo blend according to my labs that day. They then begun the infusion through my port. I didn't feel them accessing my port at all. This port thing is such a wonderful thing!

It took about 4 hours when it was all said and done. I fell asleep for some of it and was off in a daze for the rest. I think I need to get a major playlist going on for the future. Music may really help me get through this.

We went to go home and that's when I could feel it. I felt like I needed to lay down in the fetal position. I was exhausted from the treatment already. So Mike drove me home while I laid all of the seats down flat in the back of our pilot. I was so tired I didn't care my dog has just been back there a week ago...
ugghh! Next time I will bring my favorite snugly blanket and a pillow for the ride home.
Its always good to know what to expect for the next time. I am glad the first one is done and I have 7 more to go.
I ended up feeling like I had the flu for about 5 days. I was very tired, achy and fatigued for that time. After the 5
th day, I started to feel a little better. It was really good to have the option to just go to sleep when I needed to. I was lucky enough to have my 12 year old niece Megan with me that very week. She played with my girls and kept them occupied. It was a definite blessing for me to have her around.
Sunday morning we went for a little bike ride and it felt good to get some fresh air.

So that is my first chemo experience.
I have felt pretty fatigued and achy again today. I think things are starting to take effects. It has been reminded to me by my oncologist that my days with hair are now very limited....but you know what i can say, this too shall pass and hair is just hair.

Come what may and
Lovin it...right?


  1. I'm glad the first one is over. Can I make you a playlist? Email me your address and I'll send it your way. I love your attitude. So inspiring. Good luck with everything.

  2. you are amazing, Shayla!

    One of my all time favorite songs:
    Pink - Glitter in the Air

    Other Faves:
    Blue October - Hate Me, Calling You, Into the Ocean
    Marie Digby - Paint Me In Your Sunshine

    Not sure what type of music you're looking for. I can send more. :)

  3. Hey girls I will take anything...I heard Pinks glitter in the air and love it
    email is