Friday, August 27, 2010


  1. 12 years ago we were both just little girls still, but I must say you have become a much more beautiful woman than I remember from a few years back. Thank you for sharing your trials and heart with us; you're making everyone else stronger along with you. I wouldn't wish your trial on anyone, but if your stregth is what it makes out of us then we should all be so blessed for our trials. Love you, Shayla!
    Samira Porter
    ps. I seriously think you look great with short hair. You should consider keeping it short!

  2. Samira! Wow you are right...we were once so little and now....not so little. Thank you for your comments. I feel so blessed to have such great friends all around me. Even those I haven't seen since those little girl days are still so supportive of me and what I am going through. Thank you!
    ***by the way I am still so extremely impatient, so I think short is what I will be sporting after this trial passes. I don't think I have time to worry about long hair, because I am sure another challenge is right around the corner...ha ha ha:)